A rebar cutter is a special tool designed to cut through reinforcement bars or structural steel components that add strength and integrity to concrete and masonry structures. In addition to reinforcing concrete and masonry, steel bars and rods also work to shape structures, which is why tools for bending, angling, and cutting through thick steel are important, enabling precise manipulation of hard steel. Specialised tools make these processes easier and more efficient, while keeping workers safe from injuries. The use of inappropriate or merely adapted tools like cutting torches and other cutting tools can be hazardous and put users at risk of workplace accidents.

Rebar cutters are designed to work in several different ways. There are cutters that run off electricity or battery power as well as those that work manually. The basic design of a rebar cutter requires users to place a piece of steel bar into the device’s jaws before closing the mechanism so the metal bar can be cut into two separate segments. Some rebar cutters are handheld units, which require brute strength to cut through the thick steel wire. Other types of rebar cutters feature a drill bit, which cuts through rebar structures during concrete demolition.

Rebar cutter manufacturers usually combine the functions of rebar cutters and benders. This way, the machine can perform two tasks in one. Because projects typically require a good amount of bending and cutting of steel rods and bars, investing in rebar cutters and benders is something that every contractor should consider to make the tools accessible to workers. Mechanical tools like these help increase productivity and make tedious tasks easier to handle for workers. They also make the worksite a lot safer as they help protect workers’ hands from potential injury because of manual handling of extremely hard and heavy metals.

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