How to Safely Operate Your Portable Rebar Bender

The rebar bending machine is an invaluable asset to construction sites. Using that tool, you can bend reinforcing steel bars accurately, quickly, and safely, while preventing injuries in the long run. It comes in a portable form that allows you to do your job anywhere in the construction site. It may be convenient to use, but it still requires the proper operation to ensure efficiency and safety. So, take note of these safety points before using the portable rebar bender:

Go over the user manual

Every rebar bending machine will come with the manufacturer’s manual, which you should read to get to know the functional parts, electrical safety and work area instructions, use and care, and personal safety instructions. A well-detailed manual will also provide information for operational instructions, a list of parts, and service and maintenance.

Wear protective equipment

Personal protective equipment for construction workers includes clothing and accessories that will protect them from hazardous conditions in the job site. Correct PPE will also keep them safe when working with potentially hazardous machinery or building materials. When using a portable rebar bender, it’s important to wear non-skid safety shoes, shatterproof goggles or glasses, comfortable form-fitting clothing and gloves.

Watch your hands!

A rebar bending machine will bend the steel bar backwards toward the section of the roller. The bending action occurs with force and happens fast, so it’s important to keep your hands away from the metal rebar as you operate the portable rebar bender. Likewise, keep body parts well clear of the moving parts. Maintain proper balance and footing so you can maintain control of the bender when something unexpected occurs.

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