How to Maintain Rebar Cutter Equipment

Rebar cutting equipment is a significant investment that can help reduce your risk of developing chronic musculoskeletal injuries down the line. It increases safety, productivity and precision while working with reinforcing steel bars. Although it’s built to last and be durable, it still requires routine maintenance to prolong its lifespan and maximise its function. You have to make sure that the rebar cutter is properly maintained to prevent any problems that could cause accidents or loss of productivity. Here’s a guide to help you do proper maintenance:

Unplug while conducting checks and maintenance

Make sure that the rebar cutter is switched off and unplugged before conducting any maintenance. That way, you can avoid any accidents. Remove it from the power supply and use a clean, dry cloth to wipe it clean of any dirt, dust or debris before you start with the maintenance procedure.

Check oil

Check oil before use. Follow the specific rebar cutter model instruction manual about how to check the machine oil and replace it if required. Dispose of hydraulic oil in accordance with local regulations.

Inspect before use

Make it a habit to inspect the rebar cutter before you use it. Ensure that the cutter blades are unobstructed, clean and undamaged. Use protective gloves when handling cutter blocks as edges are very sharp. Also check machine bolts for tightness before use.

Avoid doing your own modifications

High-quality rebar cutters are designed meticulously and manufactured to cut reinforcing steel bars precisely and safely. If you feel that they’re not up to par with your standards, avoid the urge to change or add to the machine. Don’t modify the hydraulic pump to make the tool cut differently.

Secure your investment

High-quality rebar cutter machines are industrial-grade and may not require frequent maintenance. However, doing these basic checks and routine care should keep it reliable and safe to use for years while ensuring that your investment will be cost-effective in the long run.

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