The First Cut: How to Use a Rebar Cutter

Many people have used the rebar cutter for commercial and residential purposes. This tool is quite useful to cut the steel rods or bars. Earlier large number of manpower is used to do the same work. Hence it requires more time and money.


Therefore, after the arrival of rebar cutter in market people prefer buying this tool and reducing the labor capital of the industry. It is an extremely fast and cheap method of reducing the efforts of the man. The benefits of these tools cannot be ignored.

Safe and effective first cut with rebar cutter:

These tools are safe and affordable to use. The portable and lightweight features are responsible for its accuracy. The Hammer drilling is used earlier but nowadays carbide cutter is useful to perform the same task.

Carbide cutter is the first step which is implemented for cutting the steel rods or bars. This is a safe and effective method for rebar cutter problem. The second method which people can choose for drilling mechanism is strait shank carbide cutter. This can be used to cut up to 1.5” rebar. For cutting the different size of blades people adjust blades with the help of spacing bolts or nuts. Hence its adjustable feature is another one to cut rods depending upon its different diameters.

Steps for operating the rebar cutter:

Following are the steps to use the rebar cutter

  • Step-1:

Open the box carefully by removing its plastic covering easily.

  • Step-2:

For cutting procedure first set the main selector control switch according to cut position. Hold the machine with carefully while doing so.

  • Step-3:

To perform the cutting mechanisms, rotate the machine up to 90 degrees. This is quite essential to cut the rods or bars accurately.

  • Step-4:

Mark the point from where you want to cut the rods or bars. After that, point the drilling machine over it.  And start cutting the part into two different pieces.

  • Step-5:

You can easily adjust the diameter of a machine. Ensure that nuts should be kept tight after adjusting the machine.

  • Step-6:

Last but least after adjusting the points just plug in the switch and cut the rods. While doing this make your hands clear and away from moving parts.

Benefits of using rebar cutter tools:

Following are the benefits of using the rebar cutter.

  • Portability:

You can easily carry this tool from one place to another at any job site.

  • Protective cover:

Rebar protective cover is also present that prevent the machine from rebar fragments.

  • Reliable machine:

The customers would find reliable as well as guaranteed rebar cutting tool from a rapid tool.

The above-mentioned points are useful and provide relevant information regarding the rebar cutter.

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