Efficiency Tips and Tricks for Rebar Cutter

Getting a rebar cutter will change the way you work with reinforcement bars as it enhances your safety and productivity. It may be an amazing and innovative tool that can eliminate the need to saw steel bars to a precise length manually. But there are certain things you must consider to make sure that it can work efficiently, reliably and to lengthen its lifespan. So, here are some tips and tricks for rebar cutter efficiency:

  • Know the basic safety rules – Make sure that the cutter is appropriate for cutting the grade of steel you are using for your project. Use only graded steel reinforcing bars and avoid ungraded products.
  • When cutting, keep in mind that the cut end may randomly fall or get expelled as you cut. Avoid cutting steel bars that are thicker, thinner, or tougher than what the machine is intended to handle.
  • Know how to handle it well – Using the cutter requires complete control of the tool to maintain safety. Make sure it’s positioned firmly and that your footing and balance are secure. Avoid coiling the power cord or placing it near any heat. Make sure to remove all adjusting wrenches.
  • Personal safety precautions – Make sure you are wearing authorized safety equipment before using the rebar cutter. Consider cutting rebars with the cutter away from other workers. You may have to set up safety screens under the rebar.
  • Electric shock can be prevented by handling the rebar cutter with dry hands. Never use it with damp or wet hands, and avoid operating it in damp areas or under the rain. Make sure all power cords are secure and in good condition.

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