Demystifying Rebar Cutting Machines: Functions and Operating Instructions

Workers who still rely on manual tools to cut reinforcing steel bars know how challenging and time-consuming the task can be. But most of them don’t realize that they’re putting themselves at risk of injury due to the manual effort required. The repeated action and application of force to cut the tough steel bars can strain the body and put workers at risk. The only way to avoid this is by using newer tools like the rebar cutting machine, which is also referred to as a rebar cutter.

Why do you need one?

Also known as reo cutters, rebar cutters are specialised construction tools that simplify the cutting process and perform the task quickly and effortlessly. That makes it more practical and worker-friendly than manual steel cutters or blow torches. Since rebar is a critical feature in modern construction projects, rebar-cutting machines are considered indispensable tools for smoother and safer operations that can speed up the project’s timeline.

How do rebar cutters work?

Rebar cutting machines come in different configurations to suit specific sizes of reinforcing steel bars. It’s important to invest in a heavy-duty and powerful electric or hydraulic rebar-cutting machine that can get the job done in less than 3 seconds each time.

A portable rebar cutter features an ergonomic design that is easy to manoeuvre and use, even in spaces that lack room for larger equipment. Despite its compact size, its industrial-strength machine head and powerful single-phase motor guarantee an accurate, clean, and efficient cut without sparks. Reputable suppliers carry this equipment to suit different sizes of rebars, including 4-16mm, 4-25mm, 4-20mm, and 6-32mm.

Another type of rebar-cutting machine has a built-in bar bender. It’s a popular option that saves time when switching between two tools. However, workers requiring more convenience and portability should go for a lightweight, portable reo cutter with a carry case. Whether you choose the portable or two-in-one rebar cutter, make sure it is easy to use and that it lets you do the job anywhere.

Where to get rebar cutters?

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