Benefits of Using Automatic Rebar Tier and Increasing Productivity of Your Construction Work

Rebar tying is not just labour-intensive. It can be costly when you consider how it puts workers at risk of developing musculoskeletal injuries. Plus, it has a high learning curve that requires careful training and experience to ensure correct ties every time. However, these issues can be resolved by switching from manual labour to using an automatic rebar tier. With advanced tools, you can tie reinforcing steel bars smoothly, safely and efficiently without errors.

Automatic rebar tiers are also known as rebar tie guns or rebar tying machines, and they automatically tie steel reinforcing bars with precision. Additionally, they ensure secure and correct ties to prevent the need for rework. As such, you will find it more beneficial to use when you want to increase safety and productivity in your workplace. It may even improve your reputation as an employer, as using tie guns helps protect your workers from unnecessary injuries. Here are more benefits you can expect from using an automatic rebar tier:

Accomplish more

Manually tying steel reinforcing bars takes a lot of time. Plus, it makes you prone to mistakes, which could mean additional time reworking the wraps. Automatic rebar tie guns can do it at lightning-fast speeds of less than a second. And since they are powered by reliable lithium-ion batteries, they can work all day and won’t require recharging until after your shift. Depending on your model, the rebar tier could do over 5,000 ties with two wraps per charge.

Increase worker safety

Injuries and sick days can delay the completion of your project. They can be costly, too, especially when you consider the price of health insurance. Using an automatic rebar tier could help you save money by preventing unwanted injuries. It’s a way to invest in the health and safety of your workers, too, and this can reflect well on you as an employer. 

Avoid downtime

Rebar tiers speed up the rebar-tying process, so you can complete and deliver your construction project on time. It also facilitates a safer workplace where employees can feel safe and work more efficiently, so they can fulfil their duties confidently.

Discover the benefits for yourself.

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