Automatic Rebar Tying Tool Saves Time and Money in Rebar Tying

Manually working on rebar can be physically demanding when you consider the strenuous actions involved. Over time, you may find yourself experiencing pain on your back, hand muscles, and arms caused by repetitive strain, which may eventually lead to chronic musculoskeletal damage down the line. For that reason, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality rebar tying tool, an equipment that can automatically tie the steel bars for you when you pull a trigger. Rebar tying tools can save you a lot of money and time, while preventing injuries and health hazards in the construction site.

A rebar tying tool lets you complete the task to the highest standard. It will save your contractors from developing repetitive strain injuries, which can occur due to the back-breaking work associated with tying, cutting, and bending steel bars. Rebar tying tools are able to improve working conditions by minimising the workers’ risk of developing chronic joint and muscle injuries. With these tools, you can show that you care about your team’s health and well-being, and not worry about expensive medical and healthcare expenses in the long run.

Rebar tying tools come with different features, so you should be able to find the exact solution that you need for your construction projects. Each rebar tying tool is designed to provide superior performance that lets you tie steel bars in one second or less. The heavy-duty device is powered by Li-ion batteries that can last for more than 2,200 ties per charge. A brushless motor ensures a lengthy lifespan for the machine. You can adjust the rebar tie’s tension and tie steel bars in different diameters, from 30mm to 60mm.

The rebar tying tool is ergonomically designed to be lightweight, so it is comfortable to use and easier to lift, and lessens the impact of rebar tying on the body. To minimise the need to bend or position yourself awkwardly, consider getting an electronic extension arm for the tool.

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