A Guide to Choosing the Right Reo Bender for Your Construction Needs

Rebar bending can indeed be a challenging task, especially when relying on manual and traditional tools. Extended periods of bending can lead to injuries, and there's always the risk of incorrect bending, resulting in material waste and increased construction costs. However, there is a solution that simplifies and enhances safety in this process: the reo bender.

This innovative tool, including the electric rebar bender and hydraulic rebar bender, automates the bending of steel reinforcing bars with minimal effort required from you. You can activate the rebar bending machine once the rebar is correctly positioned by simply stepping on a foot pedal, pushing a button, or pulling a trigger.

Here are some tips on selecting a suitable reo bender for your construction projects:

Mind the specs

Check the specifications and features of the reo bender when comparing products. That way, you can check how powerful the motor is and verify that the bender suits the steel bars you are working on. Look for a powerful single-phase motor rated at 220 to 240V AC -50Hz with 1050W of power input for 6-25mm steel bars or a 240V 850W motor with a hydraulic pump for a portable bender that can process 4-16mm steel bars.

Go portable

Previously, automated rebar benders were bulky and oversized machines that took up a lot of space. Now, there are portable, space-saving, and compact benders that are easier to manoeuvre and set up anywhere. That means you are not limited to one area when you need to work on steel reinforcement bars.

Consider a 2-in-1 solution.

Do you need a rebar cutter? There is a reo bender with a built-in cutter for bar sizes like 6-32mm, 4-25mm, and 6-25mm. It’s a great tool that saves you time when switching between two devices. Plus, it helps you save space.

Check the brand

Buy a reo bender from a trusted brand that offers reliable support and after-sales. Additionally, ensure the product has excellent warranties.

Ready to buy a rebar bender?

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