CRBC-32 Industrial 6-32mm Rebar Bender and Cutter


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Product Description

Model CRBC-32
Electric Motor Single Phase – 220-240V AC – 50Hz
Power Input (Bender) 1800W
Power Input (Cutter) 2400W
Net Weight 225kg
Max Bending Capacity 32mm (500MPa)
Min Bending Capacity 6mm
Bending Angle 0-180°
Bending Pin Diameter 80mm/120mm/140mm
Max Cutting Capacity 32mm (500MPa)
Min Cutting Capacity 6mm
Dimensions 60cm x 58cm x 98cm

Here at Rapid Tool, we understand that rebar bending is a very demanding task. You need the highest quality rebar benders to perform the job to a professional standard and save contractors from unnecessary injuries.

Rapid Tool stock a variety of high quality rebar benders that will provide years of outstanding performance. Our range includes hydraulic rebar benders and electric rebar bending tools.

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Rapid Tool Product Specifications

REO-MECH Industrial Rebar Bender & Cutter Instruction Manual

A Rebar Bender Gets the Job Done Effortlessly, Effectively & Excellently

Rebar benders are an essential part of the construction tool and equipment line-up and it requires excellent technique to ensure that rebar is bent in the safest and most effective way. Failing to do so may result in safety mishaps as well as poor structural integrity and enforcement. It requires years to of experience and practice to master a safe manual rebar bending technique that doesn’t damage the steel or the worker.

Investing in a rebar bender is a wise decision for anyone not wanting to compromise safety and reliability. Modern construction engineering proves that rebar benders are highly indispensable pieces of equipment that come in various types depending on your specific needs.

Rapid Tool’s rebar bender range are manufactured from industrial-grade material and provide generous bending capabilities. All rebar benders are available locally and come with warranties and design features to achieve maximum reliability, safety and efficiency.