Free 2 x RT-40A Rebar Tiers + 40 Cartons Wire Package Deal


SUPER VALUE FOR MONEY - TWG-2000C Package Deal includes 2 X FREE RT-40A 40mm Rebar Tier when purchasing 2000 Tie Wire Coils at a DISCOUNTED rate (40 x TWG-50A cartons)

Package Includes:

      • 2000 x DISCOUNTED Tie Wire Coils (40 Cartons of TWG-50A)
      • 2 x FREE RAPIDTOOL RT-40A Rebar Tying Machines
      • 4 x RAPIDTOOL 18V 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery RT-BAA
      • 2 x RAPIDTOOL 18V Single Port Charger RT-CHA
      • 2 x Tool Belt Clip
      • 8 x Extra Tie Wire Coils in Carry Cases
      • 2 x Carry Case


      • 2 X FREE RT-40A Rebar Tying Machines
      • DISCOUNTED tie wire coils
      • 2000 coils give an impressive 320,000 ties (2 wraps)
      • Lightning-fast tie speed - 0.6 seconds with quick bar release mechanism and automatic wire reload
      • Innovative, patented technology
      • Over 5000 ties (2 wraps) and over 4500 ties (3 wraps) per battery charge
      • Adjustable tension with advanced digital tie tension control and warning sensor detection
      • Slim arm for tight ties and shorter tie height
      • Dual brushless twisting and feeding motor technology and control system for extended machine operational life - we lead the charge in durability
      • Precision engineered and tested to over 2 million ties
      • 18V x 4.0Ah Li-ion battery power - 2 x batteries included in each kit
      • Ergonomic, lightweight design
      • Increases rebar tying production by over five times
      • Reduces impact on the body including hands, arms and back
      • Electronic extension arm available to eliminate the need to bend over to tie steel
      • Compatible with high grade RAPIDTOOL Tie Wire



Model RT-40A
Dimensions 297mm x 109mm x 300mm
Net Weight 2.6kg
Tie Diameter Range 12-40mm (2 x 20mm bar max)
Wraps Per Tie 2 or 3 Wraps (adjustable)
Length of Tie Wire Coil 95m
Ties Per Tie Wire Coil Approx 160 Ties (2 wraps)
Battery Capacity Li-ion 18V - 4.0Ah
Battery Charge Time 90 Minutes
Battery Charger Input 100-240V AC - 50-60Hz - 1.0A
Battery Charger Output DC21V 3A
Ties Per Battery Cycle Over 5000 Ties (2 wraps)
Safety Feature Trigger Lock
Accessories Carry Case, Tool Belt Clip, 2 x Batteries, Battery Charger & 4 x Tie Wire Coils


Ideal for various applications such as concrete floors, concrete foundations, concrete walls, precast products, road and bridge works, swimming pool walls, retaining walls, floor decking, underfloor heating and much more!


Customer Reviews ★★★★★

"Couldn’t be happier with our rapidtool tie gun. Makes reinforcement ties basically effortless and with speed! Thanks guys!"

"The Rapid Tool RT-40 rebar tie machine has enabled my concreting business to tie steel in under half the time with no effort. A must have for any steel fixer/concreter"

"I'm a hydronic heating installer and I use my RT40-A for slab heating. It's definitely my favourite new toy, and it's easily paid for itself in the few jobs I've done with it. This gig has 700 metres of pipe in it, this used to be 2 guys and sore backs and hands. It's now a solid day for one person, and a thousand times easier on the back."

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TWG-2000C Rebar Tying Machine + Tie Wire Package Deal – Overview

SUPER VALUE FOR MONEY - TWG-2000C Package Deal includes 2 X FREE RT-40A 40mm Rebar Tier when purchasing 2000 Tie Wire Coils at a DISCOUNTED rate (40 x TWG-50A cartons)

The RAPIDTOOL RT-40A 12-40mm Rebar Tier is the ultimate solution for rebar tying work. Tie up to 40mm total diameter (2 x 20mm bars).

This world class automatic cordless rebar tie gun is lightning quick, tying rebar steel in approx 0.6 seconds. Reduce any down time with an impressive 5000 ties (2 wraps) and over 4500 ties (3 wraps) per battery charge.

The upgraded RT-40A model includes advanced features like lower tie height, tighter ties with digital tie tension control and brushless twisting and feeding motors for durability. Quick bar release mechanism and automatic wire reload technology makes this rebar tying machine a global leader.

Be in full control using the tier with ease given the lightweight (2.6kg) yet robust, ergonomic design. Purchase our compatible electronic extension arm and reduce the need to even bend over to tie. Reducing the impact on your body including arms, hands and back and furthermore reduce the risk of common musculoskeletal injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Using smart engineering the RT-40A saves you time and money by performing the job more efficiently with minimum effort and less manpower. Simply pull the trigger and this rebar tier will automatically tie, twist and cut the wire for you. With an approximate yield of 160 ties (2 wraps) and 120 ties (3 wraps) per coil, 20 cartons of tie wire (1000 coils) will give you an impressive 160,000 ties (2 wraps). Advanced features ensure a longer operational life with the RT-40A including blow our channels and advanced warning sensor detection.

Ideal for various applications such as concrete floors, concrete foundations, concrete walls, precast products, road works, swimming pool walls, retaining walls, floor decking, underfloor heating and more!

Rebar Tiers – The Ultimate Solution for Rebar Tying Work

RAPIDTOOL provides the hardiest and most durable rebar tie tool in the business.

Tying rebar manually can literally be the one of most back breaking tasks in the construction industry. Repetitive strain to back, arms and hand muscles can result in unwarranted injuries that cause even more severe musculoskeletal damage over the long run. For this reason, manual rebar tying work has been considered an outdated and inefficient health hazard.

Studies concerning the occupational risks undertaken by health workers in manual rebar tying are slowly but surely changing the way manual physical labor is implemented in work sites. Such studies have been conducted by organizations such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the United States and the Construction Safety Association of Ontario.

RAPIDTOOL’s rebar tiers are of the most superior quality intending to save contractors’ and businesses’ time, money, and manual effort by performing the job more efficiently with minimum health trauma.

Our top-of-the-line selection includes the powerful RT max 40mm and RT max 60mm rebar tier and the convenient replacement tie wire coils for the equipment. These all deliver powerful rebar tying processes that outperform most rebar tie tool in the industry. With our strict quality control and controlled product testing, you and your contractors are guaranteed only the best.


Why do you need the RT-40A Rebar Tying Machine?

You might be engaged in the creation of concrete floors or foundations. Or maybe, you are currently erecting a swimming pool wall, concrete wall or a retaining wall. You might even be involved in the installation of an under-floor heating system. Whatever the result might be, the construction process involved in each and every one of these projects requires that you and your handymen use rebar or reinforced steel bars to provide stability and strength to the structure. And part and parcel of the rebar installation process is tying these rods in place so that the skeleton structure for the project becomes robust enough to withstand the laying of concrete. Rebar tying is therefore, a critical step in the overall construction process – one that requires focus and precision at all times. It is also one of the most repetitive steps in the process, requiring workmen to manually tie and fix rebar in place using thin steel wires. Imagine having to hunch down and bend over the rebar mesh being created, tying every overlap of rods so that the structure holds its shape and position. And imagine manually cutting steel wires into hundreds of small pieces and wrapping each one around the rod with your bare hands so that the rebar doesn’t move from its intended place. Sounds frustratingly time consuming, doesn’t it? We understand how tough rebar tying can become, especially when you are dealing with a time crunch with your team running pillar to post to complete the project. And so, our team at RAPIDTOOL went ahead and helped create a unique product that takes the frustration out of the mundane task of rebar tying and makes the entire process effortless and efficient. Introducing the RT max 40mm rebar tier, an outstanding machine that deals with all the issues related to rebar tying with the magic of engineering. This is an automatic rebar tier that can tie steel around rebar in 0.6 seconds flat! You will be hard put to find a product as reliable and efficient as this one!


RT-40A Rebar Tying Machine – Key Specifications

Rebar tying is genuinely one of the most back breaking and frustratingly mundane tasks of them all. Construction workers often have to spend hours, bent down, moving from one joint to another, and tying rebar in place with steel wires so that the final structure can take shape. This tiring and time-consuming task can be made simpler with RAPIDTOOL’s RT max 40mm rebar tieran amazing product that uses technology to cut down the time and effort utilised for this task by more than half! Let’s check out the key specifications and features of this automatic rebar tier:

  • A genuinely slender and convenient design that measures a total of 297mm x 109mm x 300mm. You and your workers won’t have to face any trouble using and manoeuvring this machine, even if your workspace is tight in terms of space.
  • The total weight of this automatic rebar tier is just 2.6kg – another plus point for preventing worker exhaustion! No need to be lugging around a heavy machine across your work site.
  • The Tie Diameter Range of this rebar tier is 12-40mm which means you can tie two 20mm rebar together quite easily with this machine.
  • Don’t worry about the snugness of the tie either – RAPIDTOOL’s revolutionary product design ensures that this machine delivers 2 or 3 wraps of the steel wire per tie.
  • Total length of the Tie Wire Coil that it can house at a time is 95m – no more having to change the coil again and again.
  • Each tie wire coil that you will use in this automatic rebar tier can deliver as much as 160 ties (2 wraps) – quite economical, don’t you think?
  • With a total Battery Capacity of Li-ion 18V – 4.0Ah and a charge time of just 90 minutes, you can execute as many as 5000 ties (2 wraps) per battery cycle.
  • The machine requires a Battery Charger Input of 100-240V AC – 50-60Hz – 1.0A and its charger delivers an Output of DC21V 3A.
  • And as always, RAPIDTOOL gives you the complete package with a purchase – the RT max 40mm rebar tier comes with a host of accessories including a Carry Case, Tool Belt Clip, 2 Batteries, a Battery Charger & 4 Tie Wire Coils.


RT-40A Rebar Tying Machine – Functional Benefits

When it comes to rebar tie tool, this is one product that hits the mark every time, whether in terms of product quality, features offered or overall support and service backing provided by the manufacturer. We at RAPIDTOOL understand your expectations from a construction tool – you wish your purchased product to be hassle free in terms of usage and maintenance. And so, our product developers have created a rebar tier that is robust enough to deliver predictable performance and last you a long time. Here are the many functional benefits that you can gain by investing in RAPIDTOOL’s rebar tier:

  • Developed using the industry knowledge and engineering experience of Team RAPIDTOOL, this product delivers performance that is way more superior than other options in its class.
  • Working at lightning fast speeds, this rebar tier can tie steel in 0.6 seconds flat – saving you lots of time and energy in getting the job done.
  • The machine runs on a brushless twisting and feeding motor – a design tweak meant to ensure a prolonged life of the product.
  • The tension of the rebar tie is adjustable thereby, giving you complete control over the result of the process.
  • This rebar tier model is designed to be lightweight and portable, making the job convenient and less exhausting for your workers.
  • With this machine, you can increase your team’s rebar tying production by over five times while reducing the impact and strain on the body of your workers by half!
  • RAPIDTOOL also offers the steel tie wire for the machine along with outstanding local support and service, making this rebar tier the most hassle free option to use on your construction site.


RT-40A Rebar Tying Machine – The RAPIDTOOL Advantage

The RAPIDTOOL Team comprises of true blue construction engineers who possess extensive onsite experience and practical knowledge of the industry. And it is this ground based awareness that has helped us in developing the most convenient and useful construction tools and machinery for our clients – products meant to make the life of workers easy while bringing increased precision and productivity to the process being executed. Each of our products is brought to you after being put through an extensive array of on-the-job tests, quality checks and performance evaluation. We know the kind of quality our workers have come to expect from us and have made it our business to follow through on our promise of quality and performance, every time.

So, go ahead, choose to place your trust in RAPIDTOOL’s rebar tier. This machine can increase the efficiency and productivity of your worksite while ensuring minimum impact on the health and wellness of your workers. Get in touch with our team today for a detailed quote on the RT max 40mm rebar tier.

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Product Videos

Electronic Extension Arm


Description and Features

    • Ergonomic & innovative - control your RAPIDTOOL RT-40A/RT-60A Rebar Tying Machine from a standing position
    • Pull the trigger to tie rebar steel in 0.6 seconds with the RT-40A or 0.8 seconds with the RT-60A Rebar Tier
    • Adjustable arm length
    • Lightweight frame
    • Reduces impact on the body - no more bending over!
Model RT-EXA
Description Electronic Extension Arm
Dimensions 950mm (adjustable) x 150mm x 130mm
Net Weight 1.6kg

Electronic Extension Arm - The Ultimate Solution for Rebar Tying Work

No need to bend over again while tying rebar when you add this ergonomic Electronic Extension Arm to your RAPIDTOOL RT-40A/RT-60A Rebar Tier!

Just press the trigger to tie rebar in 0.6 seconds! This way you can control your rebar tying from a standing position while reducing the impact on your body.

This ergonomic and innovative Electronic Extension Arm is a simple yet effective solution to prevent ill effects on your health and will save your hands, wrists and back from damage.


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