Free 2 x RT-60A Rebar Tiers + 40 Cartons Wire Package Deal


SUPER VALUE FOR MONEY - TWG-2000D Package Deal includes 2 X FREE RT-60A 60mm Rebar Tier when purchasing 2000 Tie Wire Coils at a DISCOUNTED rate (40 x TWG-50A cartons)


Package Includes:

      • 2000 x DISCOUNTED Tie Wire Coils (40 Cartons of TWG-50A)
      • 2 x FREE RAPIDTOOL RT-60A Rebar Tying Machines
      • 4 x RAPIDTOOL 18V 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery RT-BAA
      • 2 x RAPIDTOOL 18V Single Port Charger RT-CHA
      • 2 x Tool Belt Clip
      • 8 x Extra Tie Wire Coils in Carry Case
      • 2 x Carry Case


      • 2 X FREE RT-60A Rebar Tying Machines
      • DISCOUNTED tie wire coils
      • 2000 coils give an impressive 180,000 ties (3 wraps)
      • Lightning-fast tie speed - 0.8 seconds with quick bar release mechanism and automatic wire reload
      • Innovative, patented technology
      • Over 4500 ties (3 wraps) and over 400 ties (4 wraps) per battery charge
      • Adjustable tension with advanced digital tie tension control and warning sensor detection
      • Slim arm for tight ties and shorter tie height
      • Dual brushless twisting and feeding motor technology and control system for extended machine operational life - we lead the charge in durability
      • Precision engineered and tested to over 2 million ties
      • 18V x 4.0Ah Li-ion battery power - 2 x batteries included in each kit
      • Ergonomic, lightweight design
      • Increases rebar tying production by over five times
      • Reduces impact on the body including hands, arms and back
      • Electronic extension arm available to eliminate the need to bend over to tie steel
      • Compatible with high grade RAPIDTOOL Tie Wire



Model RT-60A
Dimensions 312mm x 109mm x 310mm
Net Weight 2.8kg (including battery)
Tie Diameter Range 30-60mm (28mm x 32mm bar max)
Wraps Per Tie 3 or 4 Wraps (adjustable)
Length of Tie Wire Coil 95m
Ties Per Tie Wire Coil Approx 90 Ties (3 wraps)
Battery Capacity Li-ion 18V - 4.0Ah
Battery Charge Time 90 Minutes
Battery Charger Input 100-240V AC - 50-60Hz - 1.0A
Battery Charger Output DC21V 3A
Ties Per Battery Cycle Over 4500 Ties (3 wraps)
Safety Feature Trigger Lock
Accessories Carry Case, Tool Belt Clip, 2 x Batteries, Battery Charger & 4 x Tie Wire Coils



Ideal for various applications such as concrete floors, concrete foundations, concrete walls, precast products, road and bridge works, swimming pool walls, retaining walls, floor decking, underfloor heating and much more!


Customer Reviews ★★★★★

"These guys have built one of the best tying guns in the world since I have owned one I haven't used a pair of nips and I don't get sore hands anymore."

"Great Tie Machine, exceptional service, highly recommend!!"

"Love the tool amazing and so easy and quick"

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TWG-2000D Rebar Tying Machine + Tie Wire Package Deal – Overview

SUPER VALUE FOR MONEY - TWG-2000D Package Deal includes 2 X FREE RT-60A 60mm Rebar Tier when purchasing 2000 Tie Wire Coils at a DISCOUNTED rate (40 x TWG-50A cartons).

The RAPIDTOOL RT-60A 30-60mm Rebar Tier is the ultimate solution for rebar tying work. With a tie capacity of up to 28mm x 32mm bar - 60mm total tie diameter, the RT-60A is a global leader on commercial and civil job sites.

This world class automatic cordless rebar tie gun is lightning quick, tying rebar steel in approx 0.8 seconds. Reduce any down time with an impressive 4500 ties (3 wraps) and over 4000 ties (4 wraps) per battery charge.

The upgraded RT-60A model includes advanced features like lower tie height, tighter ties with digital tie tension control and brushless twisting and feeding motors for durability. Quick bar release mechanism and automatic wire reload technology makes this rebar tying machine a global leader.

Be in full control using the tier with ease given the lightweight (2.8kg) yet robust, ergonomic design. Purchase our compatible electronic extension arm and reduce the need to even bend over to tie. Reducing the impact on your body including arms, hands and back and furthermore reduce the risk of common musculoskeletal injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Using smart engineering the RT-60A saves you time and money by performing the job more efficiently with minimum effort and less manpower. Simply pull the trigger and this rebar tier will automatically tie, twist and cut the wire for you. With an approximate yield of 90 ties (3 wraps) and 75 ties (4 wraps) per coil, 20 cartons of tie wire (1000 coils) will give you an impressive 90,000 ties (3 wraps). Advanced features ensure a longer operational life with the RT-60A including blow our channels and advanced warning sensor detection.

Ideal for various applications such as concrete floors, concrete foundations, concrete walls, precast products, road works, swimming pool walls, retaining walls, floor decking, underfloor heating and more!


Rebar Tiers – The Ultimate Solution for Rebar Tying Work

RAPIDTOOL provides the hardiest and most durable rebar tie tool in the business.

Avoid strenuous and repetitive rebar tying with your bare hands when you can easily use automatic rebar tiers. RAPIDTOOL has delivered a world class collection of rebar tiers based on the rigorous rebar tying requirements in the industry.

Forget the hassles of tiring and labour-intensive rebar tying jobs. Doing the same thing for hours in a stooped position can cause immense harm to muscles and bones at the back and hip. In fact, the strenuous tying job can also cause harm to the hand and shoulders. These are the most common types of injury (musculoskeletal injuries) experienced by workers tying rebar. Injuries from repetitive tying is hard to ignore especially the risks of rebar tying for a prolonged time span. Maintaining concentration for a longer period can be tough resulting in mishaps! In order to reduce the occupational risks, a rebar tying machine is the best option.

Our rebar tying machine is a world leader in its field. With superior quality, higher power and durable rebar tiers that deliver impeccable execution, there’s no better option. In fact, the rebar tying machine considerably speeds up any rebar tying job using much less effort. You can save significant time, money, man-hours and other resources. Increase your job efficiency with our exclusive rebar tiers.

Our exclusive collection comprises sturdier and powerful RT Max 40mm and RT Max 60mm rebar tiers. With our superior collection of tools and accessories, your team will become much more efficient with much less effort, delivering world class results. You can be assured superior quality in every purchase due to our expert design, manufacture and quality control team.


Why do you need the RT-60A Rebar Tying Machine?

Concrete reinforcement needs a strong foundation or network of reinforced bars or rebar. These steel bars require sturdy tying so that the network can hold tradespeople doing work and heavy concrete mix. The demand for smart solutions to everyday tasks in the construction industry is becoming more crucial for the success of construction projects. Hence, the monotonous process of rebar tying requires a smarter and more efficient approach by using a rebar tying machine.

Manual tying is strenuous, repetitive and prone to errors as well as acute and chronic injury. It engages many construction workers to complete an exhausting tying process taking up time and effort. In some cases, the rebar tying becomes extremely tough when the concrete laying is done in an unconventional way. This is when a rebar tier can be used to speed up the process with minimal effort. The best way to prepare a sturdy frame of steel rebar is by using a rebar tying tool from RAPIDTOOL. This tying machine can easily lock two bars intersecting each other with tight tie wire in under a second!

The latest innovations in our exclusive range of rebar tiers will help you reduce tying time. The installation process will become significantly more efficient, error-free and much easier to accomplish. Construction workers find using the rebar tying machine extremely simple and also much safer to use as it helps to prevent injuries to muscles and joints. All it takes is placing the mouth of the tool over the intersecting steel bars and pulling the trigger. The rest of the work is done by the tying tool in 0.8 seconds! Manually tying overlapping rods can take longer with much more effort. Whereas you can tie and lock as many rebar overlapping joints based on the machine max tie diameter without any hassle. Using a RAPIDTOOL rebar tier can significantly increase tying production multiple times.

Add our RT Max 60mm rebar tying machine to your construction projects and make your job easier, safer and more efficient. The automatic rebar tier is a must to increase your rebar tying speed and increase the quality of your team’s productivity. Avoid strenuous tying with wires and steel rebar by using our rebar tiers.


RT-60A Rebar Tying Machine – Key Specifications

One of the most important yet back-breaking jobs in concrete reinforcement is rebar tying. Finding the right solution to tie steel rebar and preventing hazards along the way is the key to saving time, money and wastage. Forget the hassles and add more quality to your rebar tying process by adding our RT Max 60mm rebar tier. Our rebar tier is world class and has a state-of-the-art design including some of the best innovations in the industry!

Here is the list of specifications you should consider:

Ergonomic design

Our RT Max 60mm rebar tying machine comes with an ergonomic and convenient easy-to-hold design with compact dimensions 312mm x 109mm x 310mm. The slender design lets you improvise and use the tool for easy rebar tying.


The RT-60A rebar tier weighs only 2.8 kg (including battery). It can be easily lifted, handled and placed on overlapping bars for quick and effortless tying. In fact, its weight also makes it easily portable.

Tie diameter

The automatic rebar tier has a tie diameter ranging from 30-60mm. It can handle tying 28mm x 32mm steel reinforcement bars hassle-free.

Wraps per tie

To ensure proper tying, RAPIDTOOL has delivered a tying machine that wraps the wire 3-4 times. Use the adjustable setting to choose the number of desired wraps per tie.

Tie Wire Coil

The rebar tie gun can hold a tie wire coil of 95m in length.

Number of ties

Based on 3 wraps per tie, a full tie wire coil can deliver approximately 90 ties. There is also minimal wastage of material as the rebar tier only uses enough wire to complete a tie.

Battery capacity

Each rebar tier comes with 2 x Li-ion 18V – 4.0Ah batteries. The battery charger requires an input of 100-240V AC – 50-60Hz – 1.0A. The charger delivers an output of DC21V 3A.

Ties per battery cycle

A fully charged battery delivers more than 4500 ties of 3 wraps.


The RT Max 60mm rebar tier comes with a carry case, 2 x lithium-ion batteries, battery charger, tool belt clip and 4 x tie wire coils.


RT-60A Rebar Tying Machine – Functional Benefits

Rebar tying should be hassle-free and convenient. This is where the RT Max 60mm rebar tier is the best tool for the job. RAPIDTOOL understands the specific requirement of rebar tying and has considered all aspects to deliver this rebar tying tool to ease your work. With our exclusive rebar tying tool features, excellent customer service and support structure, we can assure you peace of mind for your rebar tying work.

Our sturdier and stronger rebar tiers are designed to withstand daily wear and tear and the harsh conditions of any construction site. Experience the benefits every time you use our rebar tiers:

Industry knowledge and experience

Our team of experts have many years of engineering experience and construction industry knowledge which has led to the foundation of supply and development of world class products. RAPIDTOOL is dedicated to quality and performance.

Faster execution of rebar tying jobs

Our efficient RT Max 60mm rebar tying machine can tie overlapping bars within 0.8 seconds. This means about 70 ties every 1 minute!

Adjustable tension

The rebar tying process can be adjusted in terms of tie wire tension. You will have absolute control over this automated tying process.


The tool weighs as low as 2.8 kg including battery. It can be easily carried and used without any exhaustion.

Quick rebar tying

This rebar tying tool is designed to speed up the process and overcome exhaustion. Simply pull the trigger and the machine will tie a knot around overlapping bars in under a second. The workers will enjoy this painless process as well as increasing rebar tying production by over 5 times!


The rebar tying tool is packed with accessories including tie wire coils. Additional accessories are available Australia wide through RAPIDTOOL’s dealer network. Hence, you will always find compatible accessories for this machine at convenient locations.


RT-60A Rebar Tying Machine – The RAPIDTOOL Advantage

The team at RAPIDTOOL comprises of highly experienced and expert engineers who are aware of the pain points faced by construction workers. Our practical knowledge and on-site experience help us deliver the ideal tools that accomplish various jobs by addressing these painstaking factors.

Our engineering team primarily focus on these hurdles and make it easier for the workers to meet their responsibilities. The design of our tools focus on increasing the efficiency of a particular job. It reduces physical stress and helps to keep construction workers safe from injury and be more productive.

All our tools are designed and tested in different on-site conditions to ensure quality, usability and prolonged life. Since the beginning, RAPIDTOOL has become a trusted brand throughout the construction industry. Our superior range of rebar tiers includes the highest quality and performance which is reflected in our reputation and customer feedback.

Why wait then? Check out our collection of rebar tiers and find the most efficient tool as per your requirement. Make your team more productive and efficient by saving time and effort with our RT Max 60mm rebar tier. Contact us for a detailed quote today!

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Product Videos

Electronic Extension Arm


Description and Features

    • Ergonomic & innovative - control your RAPIDTOOL RT-40A/RT-60A Rebar Tying Machine from a standing position
    • Pull the trigger to tie rebar steel in 0.6 seconds with the RT-40A or 0.8 seconds with the RT-60A Rebar Tier
    • Adjustable arm length
    • Lightweight frame
    • Reduces impact on the body - no more bending over!
Model RT-EXA
Description Electronic Extension Arm
Dimensions 950mm (adjustable) x 150mm x 130mm
Net Weight 1.6kg

Electronic Extension Arm - The Ultimate Solution for Rebar Tying Work

No need to bend over again while tying rebar when you add this ergonomic Electronic Extension Arm to your RAPIDTOOL RT-40A/RT-60A Rebar Tier!

Just press the trigger to tie rebar in 0.6 seconds! This way you can control your rebar tying from a standing position while reducing the impact on your body.

This ergonomic and innovative Electronic Extension Arm is a simple yet effective solution to prevent ill effects on your health and will save your hands, wrists and back from damage.


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