RT-EXA Electronic Extension Arm


      • Ergonomic & innovative - control your RAPIDTOOL RT-40A/RT-60A Rebar Tying Machine from a standing position
      • Pull the trigger to tie rebar steel in 0.6 seconds with the RT-40A or 0.8 seconds with the RT-60A Rebar Tier
      • Adjustable arm length
      • Lightweight frame
      • Reduces impact on the body - no more bending over!



Model RT-EXA
Description Electronic Extension Arm
Dimensions 950mm (adjustable) x 150mm x 130mm
Net Weight 1.6kg

Electronic Extension Arm – The Ultimate Solution for Rebar Tying Work

No need to bend over again while tying rebar when you add this ergonomic Electronic Extension Arm to your RAPIDTOOL RT-40A/RT-60A Rebar Tier!

Just press the trigger to tie rebar in 0.6 seconds! This way you can control your rebar tying from a standing position while reducing the impact on your body.

This ergonomic and innovative Electronic Extension Arm is a simple yet effective solution to prevent ill effects on your health and will save your hands, wrists and back from damage.



Ideal for various applications such as concrete floors, concrete foundations, precast products, road and bridge works, swimming pool floors, retaining walls, floor decking, underfloor heating and much more!


Customer Reviews ★★★★★

"Love the tool amazing and so easy and quick"

"You guys have saved our backs so many times... literally!!"

"The RT-40 Rebar Tying Machine has saved my back. As an owner builder doing a very unique project home we have used the RT-40 for the floor slab, retaining walls and wall panels. It hasn’t missed a beat and has enabled us to complete the project very quickly. Highly recommend!"

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RT-EXA Electronic Extension Arm Instruction Manual

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