What You Should Know about Working with an Electric Rebar Cutter

Cutting rebar manually is not only challenging, it can be dangerous, especially considering the potential health risks it could cause down the line. It needs to be done with utmost accuracy to ensure the correct results, but because it’s a repetitive and tedious activity, this increases the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The good news is that this problem can easily be prevented with the use of an electric rebar cutter. Not only will it protect you and other workers from unnecessary injuries; it will also speed up the process of working with reinforcing steel bars!

Are you new to using this equipment? Read on to learn more about working with electric rebar cutters.

How does it improve the rebar cutting process?

One of the benefits of using this equipment is that it ensures fast and seamless rebar cutting. Projects can be completed quickly with enhanced productivity. Labour costs may also be reduced when you have an innovative electric cutter for rebar. Likewise, expenses related to healthcare and worker’s compensation may also be reduced, as the electric rebar cutter ensures everyone’s safety by reducing hazards at site.

Proper usage is required

Of course, all those benefits can only be experienced when you know how to use the electric rebar cutter properly. For starters, refer to the user manual for tips direct from the manufacturer. You can also apply these tips and tricks to use it more efficiently:

  • Hold it properly – Make sure it is positioned and held firmly by securing your footing and balance. Keep power cords away from heat or any edges and verify that they’re not coiled. All adjusting wrenches must be removed.
  • Personal safety standards – Wear safety equipment like goggles or safety glasses with side or full-face shields for protection. Strong gloves are also recommended. Avoid electric shock by not using it in damp and wet conditions.
  • Use only as intended – The manufacturer’s manual should tell you what kinds of rebar the cutter can be used for. Basically, the electric rebar cutter is suitable only to a certain maximum grade steel rebar. Avoid using it on ungraded steel.

Always choose a high-quality electric rebar cutter that is manufactured by a reputable company that specialises in making state-of-the-art and innovative tools and equipment for working with reinforcing steel bars. That way, you have access to a wide range of cutters to suit the size of the rebar you are working with!

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