How To Maintain The Rebar Bending Machine?

Rebar cutting and bending machines have become a comfort, and a mandatory requirement for all sites. What with safety, and swiftness as well as precision of the work made them the necessity of all construction site. However, since work will come to a standstill if there is a problem with the machine, it is essential to ensure they are kept well maintained all the time.

Maintenance Of Rebar Bending Machine

Below mentioned are some of the tips to ensure your rebar cutting and bending machines keep working 24x7 without any glitch.

  • Unplug during maintenance- One of the primary rule when any machine goes to maintenance is to switch off power, and unplug it completely to avoid any mishaps. Remove the machine from power supply, and wipe it clean, before starting your maintenance process.
  • Lubrication- When we say, well-oiled, it literally means that- lubricating the holes on the turntable, all the bolts, to ensure they work with precision. After lubrication, wipe off the excess oil with a clean cloth, and check for any damage or abrasions in the bolts.
  • Monitor the oil in gear box – Check the gearbox oil levels and transmission, by opening the compartments. Any requirements of change of oil or wires need to be checked and changed to avoid inconvenience at a later date.
  • Cover it appropriately – Most of the time, the rebar cutting and bending machines are left outside. Hence, when not in use, ensure that they are covered appropriately, with a canvas cloth, to protect its outer layer.

The new rebar bending machines come with an excellently built body of industrial grade. Although it does not require much maintenance, keeping it in shape, with few basic checks can keep it safe and lasting for longer years. Correct maintenance will not only make it long lasting, but will also render it a cost-effective and profitable investment.

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