The rebar cutter is designed to automate and simplify the process of cutting reinforcing steel bars. Builders depend on them to ensure that they can adjust the length of steel to suit the specifications of a project, for the sake of ensuring appropriate structural integrity. Steel bars are thick and strong, making them difficult to cut manually with a metal saw, so having rebar cutters in the construction site can be a good way to speed up the process, while enhancing worker safety. Knowing the different kinds of rebar cutters will be helpful when selecting the right product that will suit your needs.

  1. Battery-powered – This rebar cutter operates on batteries, making it useful when your construction site is off the grid or when electric power is inaccessible or unavailable due to an outage. It is usually portable, so you can easily bring it just about anywhere.
  2. Electric – Rebar cutters that run on electricity are among the most common products out there. They usually feature outstanding hydraulics for enhanced efficiency and safety on site. Just be sure it has a powerful 220 to 240V or 110 to 120V electric motor, an industrial strength machine head, a lightweight and durable build, and with the ability to cut steel bars in less than 2.5 seconds.

  1. Two-in-one – An industrial rebar cutter can come with a built-in bender, which eliminates the need to buy a separate machine for bending steel bars. It can be practical if you want a compact tool you can easily transport and store. If this is the right product for you, make sure that it has a single-phase electric motor running on 220 to 240V AC -50HZ, with a power input of 1050W for the bender. Make sure the bender can bend steel in angles between zero to 180 degrees.
  2. Dual-power – This type of rebar cutter can operate on two different sources of power. You can run on them batteries when electricity is unavailable, or plug them into the electrical outlet when power from the grid is readily available. When choosing this type of cutter, make sure the batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion, which is known to last longer and cost-effective to use in the long run.

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