Know the Types of Rebar Tying Tool

Manually tying steel reinforcing bars is strenuous and prone to cause musculoskeletal injuries in the long run. Invest in a high quality rebar tying tool to do the work for you and make tying rebar much easier and safer. By eliminating manual rebar tying in the job site, you will contribute to a safer workplace for you and your construction team. There are a select few high quality rebar tying tools available. Knowing the different types can help you pick the right product that suits your requirements.

Superior quality rebar tying tools are powered by 18V - 4.0Ah Li-ion batteries and can tie steel in 0.6 or 0.8 seconds flat. Designed for superior performance, the rebar tying tool ensures tighter tie tension and can perform over 4,500 ties per charge with three wraps. Some models have the capacity to perform over 5,000 ties per charge with two wraps. A slim arm ensures tight ties and a brushless twisting and feeding motor helps prolong the machine’s life.

A good rebar tier can tie mesh and bar with a total diameter of 12-40mm or 30-60mm. A lightweight design makes it easy to transport, hold and use without straining the arms, hands, wrists, shoulders or fingers. To prevent straining yourself further, consider getting an electronic extension arm for the rebar tying tool. It is a handy, adjustable tool that could save your back from injuries and damage. It is easy to use from a standing position. Simply attach the extension arm to the rebar tying tool and pull the trigger to get the job done.

If you are investing in a high-quality rebar tying tool, consider looking into other tools that can further improve the safety of you and your workers when working on reinforcing steel bars. These include rebar benders and cutters. That way, you can make your construction site safer and speed up the completion of your projects without compromising quality and the health and safety of your team!

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