How Rebar Tying Tools Make Your Construction Site Safer

No matter what construction project you are managing, if it involves reinforcement steel, you need to consider using innovative tools that will make your work easier and safer. One of the tools you should invest in is the rebar tying tool. It automatically ties rebar in lightning quick speeds of around 0.6-0.8 seconds with minimal effort on the user’s part. Simply pull the trigger and it will do its job. That makes it more efficient than manually tying steel reinforcement bars with pliers, and it helps make your construction site much safer for you and your workers too!

What makes rebar tying risky?

Tying rebar steel is a downright demanding and dangerous task for workers because it puts them at risk of developing repetitive strain injuries down the line. Moreover, workers are required to be in awkward positions for extended periods, causing discomfort and body pains that could result in sick days and more expenses related to their healthcare and treatment. A rebar tying tool can help reduce those health hazards on the construction site!

Data from NIOSH

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health examined the risk of workers in developing wrist and back disorders from using a battery powered rebar tier and tying manually. They measured the posture of the workers’ lower back and wrist while tying rebar using pliers, a rebar tying tool and a rebar tier with an extension handle.

They found that manual tying with pliers involved repetitive and rapid movements of the forearm and hands which is linked to an increased risk of developing disorders around the wrist, hand or elbow. However, using an extension handle with an automatic rebar tier minimised the need to bend too much, and that the risk of developing wrist and hand musculoskeletal disorders was reduced when a rebar tying tool and the same tool with an extension handle were used!

Keep your workers safe

The safety of your workers and the reputation of your construction site will instantly improve and become much more productive and safer, while helping you save time and money. For these reasons building and construction companies choose to invest in high-quality rebar tying tools to make the job of rebar tying much safer and more efficient.

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