Rebar tying can be a tedious and time-consuming job. With its repetitive nature, it could put you at risk for developing injuries, which can result in more downtime, the inability to work, and more expenses related to medical treatment and rehabilitation. A rebar tier can help prevent those issues while ensuring that the job gets done quickly and safely. Automatic rebar tying machines are preferred by discerning construction companies and workers looking to enhance their productivity on any job site. They can replace traditional and outdated rebar tying tools and equipment to enhance the safety and productivity of construction workers.

Health conditions like arthritis, numbness on the hands, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome could delay your project. Those are just some of the issues that you are at risk of developing when you tie steel reinforcing bars manually using outdated tools. A high-end rebar tier will automatically do the job for you, so you can exert less effort and speed up the process of completing the task. Besides enhancing productivity, it will reduce your risk of developing health conditions associated with repetitive jobs that can strain your bones and muscles in the long run.

The rebar tier is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool that will tie a knot in one to two seconds. It is powered by a robust lithium-ion battery that can last for up to 2000 ties in a single charge. The body of the tool is made of heavy-duty plastic, with 30 percent fibreglass, so you can be sure that it can be used even in the toughest and most rugged construction sites. The brushless motor ensures a prolonged lifespan. To use the tier, you only need to pull a trigger. There are different types of rebar tiers, so you should be able to find the perfect product that will suit the requirements of your job site. You can also get them with a tie wire coil.

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