Different Rebar Cutter Machine Available Online

Rebar cutting is a demanding task, with high quality requirements vital for construction projects.  The right rebar cutter machine will help contractors to cut down on costs, while greatly improving quality, and productivity.   Different types of rebar cutters available online include hydraulic rebar cutters, electric rebar cutting machine, portable / cordless rebar cutters.

Rebar Cutters Available Online At Rapidtool

Before going into the finer details of choosing the right rebar cutters, the following basic parameters need to be met by chosen models.

  • Superior quality and optimised performance
  • High speed of cutting
  • Industrial strength machine head
  • Superior quality hydraulics
  • Efficiency and safety on construction site

Various models of rebar cutters

Electric Rebar Cutters

Electric rebar cutters can cut bars up to 32 mm in diameter. These are used to cut bolts and high tensile bars.  Specially designed hydraulic electric motors are easy to operate, and do not have large abrasive blades. Portable in nature, they cut bars that have epoxy coating within 5 seconds.  While different models exist to meet different needs, the conventional construction sites would require electric rebar cutters that have the ability to cut between 6 to 32 mm in diameter. It takes less than three seconds for rebars to be sliced through easily, offering great productivity on site.

Heavy Duty Rebar Cutter

Heavy duty rebar cutters can cut bars of large diameter up to 36 mm. This equipment is heavy duty and has the ability to cut three to six pieces of bars through a single cut.  The legendary cutters are renown for excellent power and high cutting speed. The blades are heat treated to reduce the damage to the blades during cutting.

Wire Rope Cutters

Used to cut wire ropes, the blades, made from high strength steel and coated with titanium, offer great precision during cutting operations and longevity.  Wire ropes between 1.5mm to 20 mm diameter are sliced through within eight seconds flat.

Rebar Cutting Shear

These machines help in the process of cutting large number of rebars. More of an industrial model, the shears are used by manufacturers to cut rebars off site and meet mass requirements of engineers for large projects.

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