Brief Guide to using a Bar Cutter

Steel reinforcing bars or structural steel can be tough to work with. They are challenging to cut and bend using traditional tools because of their composition. The bar cutter solves this problem. Also known as the ‘rebar cutter,’ it is an innovative solution that will speed up the way you cut steel bars, while keeping the activity safe and less hazardous. This guide provides a brief overview about this product and why it’s a valuable investment when your project involves working with steel bars!

How it works

A bar cutter can work in different ways, depending on the model and how it’s manufactured. Modern, high-end ones run with electricity. Older models may have been bigger and bulkier, but newer ones have been redesigned to become more portable and easier to transport. This way they are easier to set up anywhere in the construction site.

To use a rebar cutter, insert the rebar and pull and hold the trigger (or push the button) and let the tool do the cutting. That makes for an effortless, more productive and accurate means to cut steel bars.

Why you need it

Anyone who has ever tried cutting steel bars manually can easily tell you how demanding the task can be. While they have the option to use a cutting torch, the process can also be hazardous and cause serious injuries. That’s why it’s better to have a reliable and high-quality bar cutter for the job. It will also lower your risk of developing repetitive strain injuries on your hands, arm and back down the line!


Reputable manufacturers carry a wide range of rebar cutters, so you should be able to find one that suits your exact requirements. The options include the electric handheld bar cutter that can cut rebar that is at least 4mm in diameter. You can also find industrial rebar cutters with a built-in bender to further enhance your rebar processing operations.

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