RC-16 Cordless Rebar Cutting Machine


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Product Description

    • ★ Superior Performance & Power – REO-MECH QUALITY!
    • ★ Quick Cut – 18 V LI-ION Powered Hydraulic Motor
    • ★ 2 x 18V 2.6Ah LI-ION Batteries included
    • ★ Eliminate Power and Access Issues
    • ★ Increase Efficiency and Safety on site
    • ★ 12 Month Full Warranty
    • ★ International Agent – Accessories & Servicing
Cut Diameter Range 4-16mm
Net Weight: 8KG
Dimensions 38 X 29 X 12CM
Battery Charger Input 220-240V AC – 50Hz
Battery Capacity LI-ION 18.0V – 2.6Ah
Cut Speed Approx 5 Seconds
Cuts/Charge Approx 50 Cuts (16MM BAR)
Cuts/Charge Approx 100 Cuts (12MM BAR)
Battery Charge Time 90 Minutes
Warranty FULL 12 Month Warranty

Here at Rapid Tool, we understand that rebar cutting is a very demanding task. You need the highest quality rebar cutters to perform the job to a professional standard and save contractors from unnecessary injuries.

Rapid Tool stock a variety of high quality rebar cutters that will provide years of outstanding performance. Our range includes hydraulic rebar cutters, electric rebar cutting machines and portable/cordless rebar cutters.

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Rapid Tool's Rebar Cutter – Combining Speed with Convenience and Reliability

Rapid Tool is the leading provider of superior-quality rebar cutters intended to make construction work easier and more convenient.

Rebar cutting is a harrowing task especially when done manually for extended periods of time. The repeated trauma on the musculoskeletal system caused by manual rebar cutting can potentially lead to serious injuries in the future. Using a rebar cutter for this laborious task will trump the use of a blow torch or manual steel cutters every time.

Rebar is a foundational feature in almost every structural project, so a rebar cutter is certainly an important tool to to invest in. Rapid Tool features portable cordless rebar cutters as well as heavy-duty industrial rebar cutters that are highly adaptable to suit any trades-person's requirements.

The rebar cutter/bender combination is a popular choice as it cuts time between switching from each tool. The cordless rebar cutter is highly recommended for contractors who need portability and convenience as they are powerful enough to work for long periods of time without needing to be recharged. They are relatively lightweight making them ideal for transporting and maneuvering on job sites with limited to no access to electricity.

Rapid Tool provides top-of-the-line rebar cutters that are high-performance, safety-tested and CE-RoHS accredited. Our equipment is built to last even in the toughest industrial workplaces