RT-60 Rebar Tying Machine

RT-60 Rebar Tying Machine


Description and Features

    • Superior Performance – RAPIDTOOL Rebar Tier
    • Tie steel in 1.0 seconds flat
    • 14.4V x 3.0Ah Li-ion battery power (2 batteries included)
    • Over 2200 ties per charge
    • Brushless Motor – prolonged machine life
    • Adjustable tension of rebar tie
    • Tie bar from 30-60mm total diameter
    • Lightweight model
    • Increase rebar tying production by over five times
    • Reduce impact on body
    • Low running costs – Tie Wire available from RAPIDTOOL
    • Outstanding local support and service
Model RT-60
Dimensions 31cm x 10cm x 29cm
Net Weight 2.40kg
Tie Diameter Range 30-60mm (28 x 32mm bar max)
Wraps Per Tie 3 Wraps
Length of Tie Wire Coil 95m
Ties Per Tie Wire Coil Approx 90 Ties
Battery Capacity Li-ion 14.4V – 3.0Ah
Battery Charge Time 90 Minutes
Battery Charger Input 100-240V AC – 50-60Hz – 1.2A
Battery Charger Output 14.4V DC – 2.5A
Ties Per Battery Cycle Over 2200 Ties
Accessories Carry Case, Batteries (2), Battery Charger & Tie Wire Coils (4)


    • Concrete floors
    • Concrete foundations
    • Concrete walls
    • Precast Products
    • Swimming pool walls
    • Retaining walls
    • Underfloor heating


Rebar Tiers – The Ultimate Solution for Rebar Tying Work

RAPIDTOOL provides the hardiest and most durable rebar tiers in the business.

Tying rebar manually can literally be the one of most back breaking tasks in the construction industry. Repetitive strain to back, arms and hand muscles can result in unwarranted injuries that cause even more severe musculoskeletal damage over the long run. For this reason, manual rebar tying work has been considered an outdated and inefficient health hazard.

Studies concerning the occupational risks undertaken by health workers in manual rebar tying are slowly but surely changing the way manual physical labor is implemented in work sites. Such studies have been conducted by organizations such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the United States and the Construction Safety Association of Ontario.

RAPIDTOOL’s rebar tiers are of the most superior quality intending to save contractors’ and businesses’ time, money, and manual effort by performing the job more efficiently with minimum health trauma.

Our top-of-the-line selection includes the powerful RT max 60mm rebar tier and the convenient replacement tie wire coils for the equipment. These all deliver powerful rebar tying processes that outperform most rebar tiers in the industry. With our strict quality control and controlled product testing, you and your contractors are guaranteed only the best.

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