Health benefits – RT-40 Rebar Tie Machine:


Studies have shown Rebar Tie Machines significantly reduce adverse effects on the spine caused by tying steel manually. This is due to the reduced impact on posture when compared to bending over a bar and simultaneously mobilising your upper body to tie wire manually. Furthermore you can perform ties up to five times faster with a Tie Machine which simply means you are bending over for less time therefore reducing overall impact.

Steel-fixer bending  over and tying without the rebar tie machine.

Steel-fixer bending over and tying without the rebar tie machine.

There are also significant health advantages with the use of a trigger mechanism as opposed to manually twisting and tying wire which puts a great deal of strain on the wrist. Manual methods have often led to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) a painful disorder in the hands and wrist as a result of repetitive movement. The use of a trigger mechanism nearly eliminates the risk of CTS.

Finally the Rebar Tie machine significantly reduces exposure to sharp objects. With the use of the Tie Machine you are no longer handling tie wire or reinforcing during the steel fixing process.

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Introducing the innovative REBAR PRO: A rebar tying machine that increases steel-fixing productivity by up to 3 times

Rapid Tool’s newest addition – the REBAR PRO, is making waves in the Australian construction industry. The innovative rebar tying machine (rebar tier) is a revolutionary European tool which increases steel-fixing productivity by up to 3 times.

The rebar tying tool is designed to triple tying speed by eliminating the need to bend over and manually tie steel. This substantially reduces both labour costs and workplace safety risks.

Here are just some of the ways the REBAR PRO rebar tying machine can dramatically improve efficiency and safety on your construction site:


  • The rebar tying gun increases steel fixing efficiency by up to three times. It eliminates the need to bend over and tie steel manually which has been the cause of health and safety issues for over a century.
  • The REBAR PRO delivers significantly lower production costs than tying rebar by hand. Construction workers have reported an increase in production time of over 3 times using the innovative rebar tie gun.
  • The REBAR PRO has an ergonomic design which maximises rebar tying throughout an 8 hour working day.
  • Help protect your workers with the rebar tie machine. The battery operated tool eliminates extra power cords that can pose a risk to workplace safety.
  • The unique rebar tying system uses one size of clips for all possible rebar connections, between 6 and 16mm, to a max cross section diameter of 30mm. To ensure consistent concrete coverage, the maximum height of the connection is limited to only 10mm.
  • A strong connection is guaranteed by the high quality steel spring clip using the REBAR PRO rebar tying machine. The automatic application of the clips results in constant quality ties. The new, revolutionary clip can tie two or more reinforcement bars. The spiral clip is screwed around the steelbars until it deforms and tightens to create a secure fix.
  • The handle of the rebar tying gun can be adjusted to the preferred height of each individual user, saving both back and wrist strain. Within seconds, simply by pulling the trigger, a secure tie can be made without having to bend over.
  • The REBAR PRO toolset includes a battery charger, two 18V batteries, and safety glasses. The tool container can store two cartridges of 50 tying clips. Reloading is easy and takes only a few seconds.
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