How a rebar tier will make your construction site safer and more efficient

Rapid-Tool-RT-40It’s no secret that the field of construction can be hazardous. It’s fast paced environment is a breeding ground for mishaps and accidents just waiting to happen. However, a majority of the injuries and health risks stem from procedures that are as ineffective as they are outdated. This article aims to show you how you can make your construction site a safer and more efficient place through a simple innovation, rebar tiers.  Continue Reading →

RC-16 Battery Powered 16 mm red rebar cutter

Why You Need a Cordless Rebar Cutter

In the old days, cordless power tools were just too heavy and could only be used for short periods of time. However, advances in battery technology have given tools like the cordless rebar cutting machine the power to cut with as much efficiency as its electrically powered counterparts. A single charge is enough to complete up 100 cuts on 12mm rebar before being recharged again. It can cut 4-16mm rebar in as fast as 5 seconds with ease.  Continue Reading →

Exclusive International Agent – REO-MECH

Rapid Tool are proud to announce we are now the Exclusive International Agent for superior quality REO-MECH & RAPID TOOL AUSTRALIA Brand. REO-MECH supply industry leading Rebar Cutters & Rebar Benders and RAPID TOOL AUSTRALIA supply industry leading Rebar Tying Machines. We are the one stop online shop for all of your quality rebar machinery.  Continue Reading →

Rebar Cutters: The Change Construction Needs

With rampant technological growth, the construction industry finds itself continuously changing and adapting to make work easier and more efficient. The construction industry in particular has reaped many rewards in terms of advancements that do not only increase productivity but lower job related injury.

One of the more prominent changes in practice and method is how rebar is handled. Reinforcing bars, or rebar for short, are an essential component to any building and without them construction on any site is simply not possible. When erecting any structure, concrete work is always necessary, however concrete cannot stand by itself without support to keep it in place. Hence the need for rebar – thick durable metal rods that act as a skeleton for its concrete casing, keeping it stable and in the position intended by the architect.  Continue Reading →

Under construction of rebars

Electric Rebar Bender vs Manual Bending – Pros & Cons

Here at Rapid Tool, we know from experience that rebar bending can be very tricky without the right equipment.

A Rebar can be bent and shaped according to the needs of the structure. However, because the steel reinforcing is made to be durable, it can be a challenge to do it quickly and cleanly.

There are two ways of bending a Rebar – manually or using an Electric Rebar Bender.  Continue Reading →

Demo boxes

Come and visit our new RT-40 Rebar Tying Machine demonstration boxes installed at Best Bar in Perth. Alternatively contact your rep in any state in Australia. See contact Rapid Tool page for more details.

Innovative Tools = Innovative Construction

Watch as we show the RT-40 Rebar Tie Machine at its best constructing an inflatable (yes I said inflatable) home in the Perth hills. This innovative system out of the US is the first of its kind in WA. Once inflated, the dome will be sprayed with an internal 75mm concrete cover. Not to mention a lot of overhead bars to tie!! Stay posted for photos of RT-40 in action on this revolutionary, energy efficient home. Needless to say the owner builder is very happy he found us…

Rapid Tool coming to a city near you

Here at Rapid Tool we are currently touring Australia showing Reinforcing Companies and Tool Resellers what we can do for their customers. Make sure you talk to your local Reinforcing Supplier or Tool Reseller to find out if they supply Rapid Tool Concreting Products. If not contact us direct!! 0458 493 407. We will be touring every state in Australia within the next 6 months. Currently in Victoria, next stop ACT!!!

Not just for experts – Rapid Tool Australia

One of the greatest benefits of the Rapid Tool product range is how easy our tools make activities that were once specialised. For example the RT-40 Rebar Tie Machine allows anybody to be an expert steel fixer. Imagine having a big mat or panel to tie and being able to employ labour hire or a friend to tie steel in under 0.8 seconds a tie and leave it looking like a professional job!

Similarly with the Cordless Rebar Cutter, anybody (except kids) can put a length of reinforcing between the machine blades and pull the trigger. Maybe you are a sole trader and just want to make life easier for yourself, Rapid Tool not only enables you to do this but also to actually increase productivity!! You will be turning over a lot more business, holidaying in Bali or doing both!! These are just some of the applications which make the Rebar Tie Machine and Cordless Rebar (reinforcing bar) Cutter unique and a must have tool for your concreting and steel fixing business.

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